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About MSQ

Menaul School · Qingdao(International Curriculum Base of Qingdao No.2 Middle School) Menaul School Qingdao (MSQ) have jointly developed the International Curriculum Base of Qingdao No. 2 Middle School to combine best educational practices from both the Chinese and Western approaches to education. Consequently, Menaul School Qingdao has achieved the status of being the first renowned international school in China with noteworthy academic standards that integrates American education, Chinese education and best practices from current international education research.Drawing on a global vision and Chinese consciousness, MSQ seeks to cultivate future citizens who will boldly explore the world and remain enthusiastic life-long learners. Menaul School Qingdao directly employs original curriculum and management systems utilized in the best American secondary schools. Qualified students can therefore obtain diplomas of the same validity as native English – speaking American students. Subsequently, these students are directly admitted to international universities on the basis of their school transcripts and international standardized examination results.

MSQ will continue to develop original international R&D projects, guide students to conduct unique experiments and create designs in various disciplines. Findings from academic research results will further enhance student subject exploration and innovation. This will in turn foster a high degree of competitiveness among Chinese students in various international professional fields.


Menaul School Albuquerque Founded in 1896 in Albuquerque, the largest city in New Mexico (U.S.A.), Menaul School is a renowned private secondary school with a long and rich history. As the largest city in New Mexico, Albuquerque is known for its scientific and technological developments. This is no doubt due to its close proximity to two of the three most innovative national laboratories in the United States. Furthermore, Albuquerque has a well-established academic and research atmosphere and is one of the cities with the highest proportions of doctorates in the United States. It is also currently one of the major cities in America that develops solar energy and other new energy technologies. Albuquerque is also a leader in the space industry, as well as the animation and film industries . Indeed, it has the world's largest indoor animation production base. In the 2016 New Mexico school rankings, MSA placed first in religious schools and fifth in private schools. Approximately 98% of graduates have been enrolled in top universities, including Harvard, Yale, MIT, Stanford, Dartmouth College, Rice University, Carnegie Mellon University, Georgetown University, New York University, etc. In 2013, Menaul School Albuquerque was granted permission by the Chinese Government to establish Menaul School Taiyuan in Shanxi Province. In 2016, the Menaul School Qingdao campus was established .

Our Mission

Our Mission

Drawing on a global vision and Chinese consciousness, we seek to cultivate future citizens who will boldly explore the world and remain enthusiastic

Mission Statement:Drawing on a global vision and Chinese consciousness, we seek to cultivate future citizens who will boldly explore the world

Core Value

  • Respect

    We respect the diversity, independence and value of each individual.

  • Diversity

    Believe in the core content of diversity, namely: race, ethnicity, economy, knowledge, culture and individual diversity, our education focuses on fostering an understanding of the global community

  • Quest for knowledge

    Focus on the cultivation of students ’lifelong learning ability and critical thinking ability. By cultivating students’ curiosity, free and open exploration ability and teamwork ability, they can help students become the leaders of the future society in this rapidly changing world.

  • Dedication

    To develop moral education in a Chinese and Western community, we encourage students to explore, recognize and respect differences

  • Responsibility

    Promote environmental protection and peace through community service, guide students to cultivate the consciousness of world citizens, and cultivate talents capable of changing the world.

Message from the Principal

A word from the Principal of Menaul School Albuquerque

Welcome to Menaul School Qingdao. As the Principal of Menaul School Albuquerque, I am honored to have the opportunity to share my thoughts with you.

Menaul School Qingdao is located in Qingdao’s Blue Silicon Valley. This unique geographical location provides the opportunity for STEM education as part of our daily teaching process. It also enables us to enjoy a wide range of resources that can cultivate students' individual talents and creates a rich educational experience for every learner.

Menaul School Qingdao and Menaul School Albuquerque share common values, educational resources and freely collaborate with project-based learning methodologies. To ensure high instructional quality among all teaching staff, MSA regularly communicates with MSQ. Additionally, MSA assigns educational experts to support MSQ both through regularly scheduled visits and through online communication. They also conduct important academic assessments and monitor approaches to teaching and assessing.

Remarks by the Principal of Menaul School

Welcome to Qingdao Mengnuo School. As the principal of Mengnuo School, a well-known private school in the United States, I am honored to have the opportunity to share my joy here with you.

Qingdao Mengnuo School is located in Qingdao Blue Silicon Valley. This unique geographical location makes the STEM education concept fully reflected in our teaching process, allowing us to enjoy a wide range of resources to cultivate students' personal talents and create a rich educational experience.

The two Sino-US campuses of Mengnuo School have established common values through common values, regular exchanges, project cooperation and shared resources. We will assign American education experts to the Chinese campus for academic evaluation and teaching process monitoring to ensure the quality of teaching in the Chinese campus.

We are committed to making full preparations for students on the Qingdao campus to welcome university studies and enrich the meaning of future life. We believe that through the cooperation of Qingdao Mengnuo School and Qingdao Second Middle School, we will create the best growth platform for students and create a great educational innovation.