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The management team of Mengnuo School is composed of international education experts with rich teaching experience. They are familiar with foreign education systems and understand the learning characteristics of Chinese students. They are the leaders and practitioners of Chinese international education.


The teaching team of Mengnuo School is made up of top teaching experts from all over the world who hold American teacher qualifications/IBTeaching qualification certification/The teaching qualification certification of the American University Council, most of them have a master's degree or doctorate,
The average teaching age is about 10 years, with advanced educational concepts, diverse teaching methods, rich teaching experience and excellent teaching achievements

Student development and planni

The student development and promotion planning and guidance department is a department with unique management characteristics set up by mennuo school to promote the personalized development of students. It aims to stimulate students' interest in subjects, expand their specialties, prepare for domestic and foreign discipline competitions, broaden their academic vision, and make early planning and later guidance for overseas university application.They have years of student activities and competition guidance experience, familiar with the application requirements of famous overseas universities, to help each student to develop extracurricular activities