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Club activities are an important part of campus culture and a touchstone for students' all-round development.The establishment, operation, management and activity arrangement of the club are completed by the students themselves.At present, there are 20 interest societies in academic, sports and < br > art.

Boarding life

Male and female dormitory stratified closed management, single room area of more than 30 square meters, double room, complete supporting facilities.
Each dormitory has its own bathroom, providing 24-hour hot water, hot and cold central air conditioning, equipped with a public water room, washing machine and dryer, with activities & cultural areas, self-study rooms.

  • The restaurant employs professional chefs to match meals reasonably for students. Chinese food, western food, special food and food culture festivals are held regularly to meet the diverse dietary needs of teachers and students with different appetites.

The clinic hired professional medical staff, equipped with medicine and medical equipment needed for emergency treatment, to provide students with initial treatment for daily diseases and trauma.

Campus environment

The school is located in the only marine high-tech new city in China-Blue Silicon Valley, adjacent to 14 national-sized scientific research institutions, 16 universities, and 12 national major science and technology platform project bases. Blue Silicon Valley gathers all kinds of world-class scientific research institutions and experts, and is a world-class marine innovation highland and coastal ecological new city that Qingdao focuses on building.

The school has 35,000 square meters of independent boarding campus, closed management to ensure students' study and life. Equipped with high-standard teaching environment and first-class facilities, various subject laboratories, gymnasium, music room, art room, dance classroom, indoor gymnasium, outdoor basketball court and football field, independent restaurant To provide students with a healthy, safe and warm learning and living environment.