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Students in grades 7-12 with good learning attitude, good grades and strong learning ability.

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A well-designed curriculum system for Chinese elite students
Rich, comprehensive and challenging curriculum system to meet the individual development needs of each student

The school provides all core courses in American high schools including English literature, mathematics, natural sciences, social sciences, second foreign languages, arts, sports, etc. and 17 AP (American University Prerequisite Credit) courses. The multi-level and multi-disciplinary curriculum provides a comprehensive guarantee for students' personalized development and subject development. While meeting the high school graduation requirements of the United States, students are also fully prepared for the study of American universities.

  • Independent research and development
    Improve students' learning ability

    The R & D (Research and Development) course aims to enhance the generally weak academic research ability and innovation ability of Chinese students, and comprehensively build the international competitiveness of Chinese students in various professional fields.

  • ESL courses on campus
    Solve worries after going to school

    The school provides language learning and personal tutoring courses of about 12 hours per week on campus to help students familiarize with and understand the TOEFL and SAT exams, and save parents the trouble of traveling to off-campus tutoring institutions on weekends.

  • College guidance courses
    Let life start from "design"

    From the beginning of enrollment, students will be provided with professional progression planning instructors to provide students with progression planning courses, including on-campus elective courses, extracurricular activity planning, personalized chemistry extension study suggestions, university application and professional choice suggestions.

First-class teachers and management team + scientific teaching management system

Our teachers are composed of high-quality teaching teams, expert teams in various fields and management teams. Most of the teachers in the teaching team have a master's degree or a doctorate, and they all hold American teacher qualification certificates or IB teaching qualification certifications. All AP course instructors have obtained the College Board AP teaching qualification certification. The R & D teachers are composed of on-campus teachers, professors from famous overseas universities, and scholars from domestic and foreign scientific research institutions.

  • Hierarchical teaching and class-based teaching to fundamentally solve the problem of differences in students' disciplinary basis and learning progress

  • Teaching teachers and tutors follow up the whole process, and the dual-track management ensures the effective achievement of students' learning effects

  • Perfect online and offline home-school communication system, with parents to pay attention to and witness the growth of students

  • Tailor-made personalized tutor courses for students, fully stimulating students' interest in subjects, and cultivating academic inquiry ability

  • College guidance team composed of domestic and foreign experts

    The Mengnuo School's guidance team is composed of domestic and foreign guidance experts including the former admissions officers of Ivy League schools in the United States. guide.

  • International campus first-class school environment

    The school is located in Blue Silicon Valley, the only new marine high-tech city in China, adjacent to 14 national-sized scientific research institutions, 16 universities, 12 major national science and technology platform project bases, and Blue Silicon Valley is home to various world-class scientific research institutions and experts. It is Qingdao The city focuses on creating world-class marine innovation highlands and coastal ecological new cities.

Scholarship application

* At present, the scholarships established by our school include principal nomination awards and individual scholarships, which are used to motivate students with outstanding academic performance.

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  • Half Scholarship
  • Full Scholarship
  • President Nominated Scholarship
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