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School facing the world and the future

Cultivating future citizens for lifelong development.

  • 124

    Century-old school
    High-quality diplomas High recognition by universities

  • 1:4

    Teacher-to-student ratio
    first class faculty and management teams

  • 2:1

    dual-track management
    Academic and character growth are equally important

  • 59

    59 American high school credit courses
    Comprehensive and rich course selection

  • 17

    17 high-challenging AP courses
    To comprehensively help eugenics famous schools apply

  • 20+

    More than 20 student clubs
    Competition at home and abroad

  • 12+

    Language study over 12 hours per week
    And individual tutoring

  • 60%

    60% Mengnuo graduates
    Admitted to the top 50 universities in the United States

  • 100%

    100%Meng Nuo graduates
    Admitted to the top 80 universities in the United States

  • 1:1

    One-to-one study guidance
    Formulate an exclusive study plan

Curriculum system

Fusing the essence of basic education in China, the United States and countries around the world, it is a world-class school with international characteristics that is most suitable for the growth of Chinese students. The schools curriculum is rich, comprehensive and challenging, and is designed to meet the individualized and unique development needs of each student. The enrollment of the middle school of Mengnuo School is for students in grades 7-12, with a full English teaching environment, project-based learning and personalized training as the teaching features, which lays a solid academic foundation and a sufficient culture for qualified graduates to enter the world-class university ready.